Water Subsystem

19 Mar
Last week I went to a STEM Expo put on by First State Robotics in Wilmington, DE.  STEM is a national campaign for I believe Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and trying to get those subjects better coverage in the ... Read more »

Global Expedition Vehicles

5 Mar
Most of the pictures of the expedition vehicles I’ve posted on these pages so far are actually from one company.  Missouri based Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV) make what I believe are the best examples of US based expedition vehicles.  They ... Read more »

F.E.T. Debunked!

23 Feb
In my last post I spoke about the Federal Excise Tax of 12% of the purchase price for heavy trucks.  After a bit more research, I found the following pertinent information: The tax is imposed on the first transaction of ... Read more »


20 Feb
One of my favorite expedition camper manufacturers out there is Earthroamer. They were also the first in the American market, and have seemingly become the most successful in terms of volume in their niche market of F-550 based super sized ... Read more »