20 Feb

One of my favorite expedition camper manufacturers out there is Earthroamer. They were also the first in the American market, and have seemingly become the most successful in terms of volume in their niche market of F-550 based super sized truck campers. To call them that though is really an injustice to what they do.

The company recently this week released these two videos below with the company founder giving an interior and exterior tour of the vehicles and all of the features they include in their systems. Watching these videos gave me a new found respect for the company and their vehicles. What they have accomplished and put out there regularly in the market is really nothing short of amazing. And these videos are fantastic too.  They make me so excited about the prospect of their upcoming F-650 based XV-HD.  The only drawback is the price, but I suppose like most things, you get what you pay for…

Check them for the ultimate in truck based expedition luxury!