28 Feb

Regular readers may remember way back in my third post where I said that the White Rim Trail in Utah was at the top of my list of places I wanted to go see in our camper.  Our trip to Arizona last summer and boondocking in the Valley of the Gods and Manti La Sal National Forest only cemented that.

This week in Truck Camper Magazine they featured two articles with videos of people taking their full size crew cab pickups with truck campers to Canyonlands National Park to experience the White Rim Trail and Elephant Hill in the Needles section of the park.

The second video isn’t working to embed properly, but I would highly recommend going to see the article at Truck Camper Magazine and watching the video from there.  Not only the videos, but the pictures with both articles are absolutely stunning.  It just makes me want to build a rig and get out there to see it myself!

Also, I recently downloaded Google Earth and was playing around to find out that you can fly through topographic maps overlaid with satellite images!  I spent quite a bit of time virtually experiencing the entire White Rim Trail from Schaeffers Switchbacks through Hardscrabble Hill.  I can see wasting a LOT of time with Google Earth!