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Hi and thanks for coming to visit our website.   Let me tell you a bit about our family and where we are coming from and hopefully where we are going to from here.  My name is Wayne, and my wife Joanne and I have been married since 2005.  With three kids (currently 7, 5, and 2) we keep pretty busy with the daily grind of life here in Chesapeake City, Maryland, USA.  We have always shared a joint love of travel and a desire to see as much of the world as we can, in fact comparing travel stories was one of the earliest things we bonded over.  And now we both have that same yearning to give our kids the experiences you can only find through travel.

I grew up in a travelling family and my wanderlust was cemented at an early age.  We started tent camping as a toddler, moved through the ranks of pop-ups, fifth wheels, and even a truck camper drive across the USA.  Beyond the camping, vacations were always a priority in my family which I carried over into my own life.  Prior to marrying Joanne, I have traveled on vacations to most of the continental US, Canada, several Caribbean Islands, multiple trips to Europe through Germany, England, France, touring New Zealand and Australia for the Olympics, and even cruising the amazon through Brazil and Peru with a trip up to Macchu Picchu in the Andes.  Beyond vacations, my job as a mechanical engineer, machine designer has given me the opportunity to travel extensively to some more exotic locations including stints in Singapore, Turkey, and Germany with side trips to Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

IMG_6490Joanne had a similar upbringing of lots of family camping and vacationing.  Since her mother is actually English, there were frequent trips as a child back to Europe to visit family.  She also spent time studying abroad in college through Russia, and Ecuador with side trips through Peru and Bolivia.  Then after college she spent time vacationing with friends around the world through Honduras, Thailand, and several other Caribbean Islands as well.

honeymoon2It only got better from there as Joanne and I honeymooned in East Africa through Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar in what has been to this point the greatest vacation ever.  We’ve also taken trips back to Europe with an infant in tow.  But more recently it’s been lots of trips to Disneyworld with the kids taking advantage of our Disney Vacation Club membership.  Realizing it’s time to start taking the kids further afield and letting them experience the world is what drove the idea that I’m trying to document through this website.

IMG_6668To that end the trip we took in spring 2014 to Arizona, Utah, and Colorado in the 4 Corners region and the Grand Canyon in a rental RV with the 5 of us was incredible.  The main goal I was looking for was to see if the 5 of us could live in a small enclosed space for any period of time without killing each other.  It was a huge success and everyone had fun and ready to do it some more and take it to another level.

As for the kids, Joanne left her career as a Biology Lab manager and College Lab instructor in order to homeschool the three of them at our Morton Institute of Technology (MIT).  Our oldest is currently in Second grade, the second in Kindergarten, and the youngest at only 2 but the plan as it stands now is to homeschool them all through high school.

With those pieces of the puzzle in place it’s just a short step to me retiring early (currently I’m only 41) and taking the school on the road so to speak.  The dream is to have our Roadschooling Overland Adventure Mobile (R.O.A.M.) guide us anywhere the heart desires around the world at our own pace learning everything we can together as a family the whole way.  Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens together!



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