This is a list of resources, vendors, bookmarks, forums, etc that I use to research what we’re trying to build, where we’re trying to go, and how we’re going to do it all.  I will try to keep this site up to date as I move forward of the sites and places I frequent


Expedition Portal – Domestic US Overlanding in all forms.  My favorite resource

HUBB – Horizon’s Unlimited, International Overland Adventure travel, focusing on bikes, but all inclusive

Truck Conversion – US based forum of converters of heavy duty trucks into RV’s and Toterhomes

Escapees – Network of RV’ers including subgroups of Heavy Duty Truck Enthusiasts – Good forum of US tradional RVing discussions

Overlander Forum – UK based discussion group based on overland travel

Silk Road Motorcaravan Network (SRMN) – UK based private group dedicated to discussing travel overland around the world

Overland Sphere – A hub of blogs so to speak of others traveling the world

Travel Blogs I follow (mostly overlanders)

Overlanding Family follow along with Snaith family as they have traveled extensively through North and South America, now Antartica and soon to be Australia as they drive their Bocklet truck around the world roadschooling their two kids!  Great stuff here

Bumfuzzle  – Join Pat and Ali in their continuing journeys of living the life of the traveller.  Beginning 11 years ago with a sail around the world, up to the present day living in their restored 1965 Dodge Travco Motorhome in Mexico with their 2 kids.

Drive Nacho Drive – Brad and Sheena just returned from a Multiyear round the world trip in their old school VW Bus.

Tuck’s Travels in a Truck – Currently travelling through Southern Africa in a brand New Bocklet Iveco 4×4 traveling overland with great African resources on their pages

My Overland Adventure – Currently 4.5 years into their overland round the world adventure and founders of the Overland Sphere travel forum while en route

Perky Mog – They bought a bright orange GXV Pangea and these are their experiences driving it all over the Americas

Sirocco Overland – The adventures of a couple that drove their Land Rover Defender and trailer from England to Vladisvostok and now reside in Australia.

Kev and Em Go Global A couple from Australia just beginning their Round the world trip shipping their truck to South America

White Acorn – Rob and Nina Blackwell chronicling their ongoing travels in their current GXV Unimog

Big O’s Adventure – Jon Beardmore’s solo adventore in Boris his Toyota Landcruiser driving from London to Singapore and back.  He returned late last year from that adventure.

Lorry Way Down – A British couple just beginning their long trip driving to Africa

Travelin Tortuga – One couple spending retirement driving through the wolrd in their Provan Tiger RV, with the past 5 seasons touring only Europe

Resource Blogs

Technomadia – Fulltime work campers chronicling their experience cruising America in their bus

Gone with the Wynns – Self proclaimed perpetual travellers who now make a living driving around the country documenting it for others.  It’s a great gig if you can do it!

Truck Builds I follow





Me and My Truck


Expedition Camper Manufacturers



Action Mobil



Expedition Rig Supplies and Equipment






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